A building complex in the center of Athens, which was progressively built in the 1960s and houses the center of the country’s telecommunications organization. It consists of 15 statically independent buildings with basement, ground floor and 2, 5 or 12 floors, of reinforced concrete, with a total area of 53.000 m2


In the process of redesigning and changing the use of different spaces, architectural enhancements, static and antiseismic strengthening, and new E / M installations are required.


Technology Centers will remain operational and protected against vibration, dust, dirt, water, sparks and other damage during construction.


The strengthening solution provides for the conversion of columns all the way up to “strong columns”, through steel jacketing and concrete infill. Most of the new composite columns have a cross-section with 8 corners to adequately tie up the existing and new concrete they surround. The jacketing increases the strength and deformability of the concrete and makes it practically “unbreakable” under seismic loading.

Find the full project presentation here.

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