Engineering software and structural and aseismic analysis of buildings, bridges, steel structures and soil mechanics.

Reinforced concrete and steel buildings, bridges.

Finite elements analysis of slabs, walls, foundations

Retaining walls, anchors, stability of slopes.

Detailing of steel structures.

Aseismic strengthening of buildings using the push over method according to the recent Repair and strengthening Regulations for reinforced concrete and masonry buildings.





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Push over analysis accor-ding to the structural inter-ventions regulations

STATIK-5P continues to lead the static inelastic analysis of space frames, according to the specifications of the new Greek regulations for stru-ctural interventions (Nove-mber 2005 issue).




Static inelastic aseismic analysis of buildings (push over analysis) with STATIK-5H according to the new Greek structural interventi-ons regulations

Athens, June , 21 & 22, 2007.

Applications to participate up to May 25, 2007.


Static and aseismic analysis of steel structures with STATIK-5-STAHL and detail-ing with Prosteel-3D 17

Athens, May, 24 & 25.
Applications to participate up to April 30.



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