Cubus Hellas was established in 1990 and in cooperation with cubus AG Zuerich (established in 1981) and the ETH Zuerich Polytechnic develops software and undertakes projects of static and aseismic analysis of buildings, bridges and earth works

Cubus software has the most customers in Europe with 3000 companies and more than 10000 installations.

In Greece 250 companies of private and public sector with 1200 installations use cubus software in major and other projects, such as Athens subway, bridges of national highways, Athens International Airport, the Hellenic Railways Organisation, Olympic games etc. as well as the Athens, Salonica, Thrace, Thessalia and Crete Polytechnics and Serres, Salonica and Larissa Technological Education Institutes.

The main software products of cubus are: STATIK suitable for linear structures of reinforced concrete, steel, wood etc., CEDRUS for the finite elements analysis of slabs and walls, FAGUS for reinforced and prestressed concrete sections and LARIX  for retaining walls, anchors and slope stability.

Cubus software is offered in many languages and covers various Codes (Eurocodes, Greek Codes, German and Swiss Codes etc.) and is used in dozens of European countries, in America and Australia. Cubus software is suitable for analysis and educational purposes, as well as research and are based on research programs of the Zuerich ETH Polytechnic.

Since June 1998 there is a special economical arrangement for network installations with 10 to 25 workstations in public sector companies, educational institutes and public corporations with very favorable terms. With this arrangement cubus software is installed in the Ministry of Environment planning and public works, the National technical university of Athens, EYDAP (water supply & sewage company of Athens), Salonica Technological Education Institute, University of Thessaly, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, EGNATIA ODOS SA and ERGOSE SA.

September 1998 was published the low cost educational edition of STATIK-3 (STATIK-3/ST) for young structural engineers and students, aiming to spread the state of the art engineering practice used in projects with high requirements such as bridges, buildings etc.

November 1999 the STATIK-3P (Push Over Analysis) application was launched for the analysis of the elastoplastic seismic behavior of buildings (according to FEMA 273)  an international innovation used with great success after the recent earthquake of Athens (September 1999) for the strengthening and repair, as well as the verification of public and private buildings and bridges.

In 2003 in cooperation with leading consultants and researchers of Greek universities, cubus prepared for the Earthquake planning and Protection Organization a complete paper for the use of static inelastic method (Push over) on aseismic redesign and strengthening of buildings. The access to this document is free through this site.   

In 2006 cubus in cooperation with AGET  HERACLES GENERAL CEMENT Co. and the University of Thessaly introduced in its software the ultra high strength concretes, on the basis of a research program of the Ministry for Research & Technology. Their use in everyday practice for new buildings and for the strengthening of existing ones, is supported by STATIK, FAGUS and CEDRUS programs.

In April 2007 will be released a book on aseismic redesign of buildings, where the push over method is analyzed with emphasis  on the ductile and brittle failure modes of concrete for the evaluation with the utmost reliability of the failure behavior of a structure. There is also an in depth examination of the analysis of the aimed seismic displacement in inelastic region.

Significant weight is dedicated on the continuous users support by specialized scientists through seminars, literature and examples.




Push over analysis accor-ding to the structural inter-ventions regulations

STATIK-5P continues to lead the static inelastic analysis of space frames, according to the specifications of the new Greek regulations for stru-ctural interventions (Nove-mber 2005 issue).




Static inelastic aseismic analysis of buildings (push over analysis) with STATIK-5H according to the new Greek structural interventi-ons regulations

Athens, June , 21 & 22, 2007.

Applications to participate up to May 25, 2007.


Static and aseismic analysis of steel structures with STATIK-5-STAHL and detail-ing with Prosteel-3D 17

Athens, May, 24 & 25.
Applications to participate up to April 30.



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